Changelog - Klarna Sofort

Aktuelle Version: 1.4.2 Zeige alles Verberge alles

Version: 1.4.0


  • Fixed check of payment reason
  • Fixed old methods and properties
  • Fixed wrong datatype in PHPDocs
  • Catching WC_Data Exception on processing payment


  • Added function to replace template tags in transaction reason
  • Added function get_transaction_reason and added function to cut too long transaction reasons automatically
  • Added de_de_formal language files


  • Updated links and textstrings

Version: 1.3.0


  • filter for setting payment process language
    Function to load Klarna logo depending on
  • Function to load Klarna logo depending on country from Klarna CDN
  • WooCommerce information about compatibility


  • Readded changelog.txt for WooCommerce purposes