Mehr als 500 000 Nutzer können nicht irren: Mit BackWPup Pro legst du automatisierte Datensicherungen deiner WordPress-Installation an. Du bestimmst, welche Inhalte zu welchem Zeitpunkt an welchem Ort gespeichert werden. BackWPup Pro ist die All-in-One Backuplösung für WordPress.

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Version: 3.4.1 - Changelog

Datum der Veröffentlichung: 23.06.2010

Letzte Aktualisierung: 03.07.2017

Kompatibel mit: MySQL 5.+, PHP 5.3, WordPress 3.8+


Entwickler: Inpsyde GmbH

Plugins / Themes: 2

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Version: 3.4.1

  • Check if file is dot to prevent open_basedir warning.
    Only display Dropbox upload progress in debug mode.
    Fix PHP notice when running job via WP CLI.
    Fix the way Dropbox API wrapper handles errors.
    Only encode DB values to hex when binary flag is set.
    Fix handling of storing backups in root Dropbox dir.
    Allow symbolic links to be excluded.
    If archive name is not valid format, will still recognize and delete old files.
    Allow user to copy debug info for support.
    Do not display notices for pro users.
    Add support form for pro users.
    Add Rate Us admin notice.
    Support empty folder name when syncing to Dropbox.
    Allow folders under wp-content to be excluded.

Version: 3.4

  • Backup file tracking so backups from other jobs aren’t accidentally deleted.
    Ability to have backup file sent to multiple email addresses.
    Web.config is now included in list of special files to back up.

  • Dropped support for PHP 5.2.
    Removed Adminer link from backend.

  • Migrated to Dropbox API V2.
    accuracy of binary column export.

  • Call to get_users was previously incorrect.
    error for some users when generating XML export.
    opendir permission denied warning on some versions of IIS.

Version: 3.3.7

  • Fixed: Removed duplicate file in Google vendor folder

  • Italian translation for the plugin
    Message in BackWPup dashboard to ask users to join as BackWPup beta testers

  • German translation of job announcement in dashboard widget is now gender neutral

  • Dashboard widget only shown to user who has ‚backwpup‘ capability and can be hidden defining INPSYDE_DASHBOARD_WIDGET constant

  • Services credentials lost after 3.3.6 update
    Removed all instances of PHP short echo tags and other minor PHP 5.2 compatibility issues

Version: 3.3.6

  • Fixed issue with wrong redirect during Google Drive authorization

  • Deprecation notice for PHP 5.2 users
    Translation for formal german
    Ask for consent on phone home anonymously PHP & WP Version
    Dashboard widget to recruit new Inpsyders

  • Compatibility with PHP 7 and PHP 7.1
    Encryption (use Open SSL when available, mcrypt as fallback for PHP 5.2 users)
    check for mod_authz_core.c module in .htaccess file

  • Translation for german

Version: 3.3.5

  • GDrive Could not create resumable file transfer

Version: 3.3.4

  • AWS S3 Region Asia Pacific (Mumbai)

  • Database gone away messages
    restarts in cli mode
    false email sender address in job creation wizard
    gdrive ssl problem on uploads

Version: 3.3.2

  • For MSAzure requires PHP 5.5 in next BackWPup Version

  • Colors of Warning and Error messages
    Display Blog url in log again
    Dreamhost url in S3 destination
    Adminbar menu disabled by default

  • Adminbar plugin name for smaller size

  • Signal handling more again

  • English log with WP 4.6

Version: 3.3.1

  • Bug in log mail sending
    Security exploit in getting working data

  • Restarts on getting folder list
    Signal handling again
    Text Color in log files

  • Save file list cache for one year
    URLs to MarketPress and Documentation
    Use WordPress ca-bundle.crt

  • Server callback check on job start now it is only in Settings > Tab: Information

Version: 3.3

  • Texts removed or rewritten
    Response test

  • Response test to work more as before
    Remove user roles on deactivation not on uninstall

  • PCLZip selection setting
    Help tooltips now uses the WordPress way
    Old AWS SDK for using backups to S3 with PHP Version lower than 5.3

  • AWS SDK to Version 2.8.28
    MSAZURE SDK to Version 0.4.1
    RSC SDK to Version 1.12.2
    SwiftMailer to Version 5.2.2

  • Updated: Google SDK to Version 1.1.7
    Fixed: Glacier will be only display 10 Vaults

Version: 3.2.4

  • Backup database triggers

  • Charset issues on file names in archives

  • checking on response test

  • Dropbox API URLs

Version: 3.2.3

  • AWS Region Asien-Pazifik (Seoul)

  • open basedir checking

  • Minimum WordPress version is now 3.8

  • get_site_option() deprecated cache parameter in WordPress 4.4
    displaying of inactive on scheduled jobs
    saving of adding extra user role

  • Handling of signal SIGPROF
    Extra role column on user list

Version: 3.2.2

  • Setting of S3 storage class STANDARD | STANDARD_IA | REDUCED_REDUNDANCY
    Potential security problems on log view and file download

Version: 3.2.1

  • open basedir check
    Change Zip creation back to use lower resources
    Deletion of backup files on Dropbrox not refreshes
    Delete ‚doing_cron‘ transient before job starts

  • Support for new Amazon S3 storage type ‚Standard-Infrequent Access‘
    Support for MYSQL_CLIENT_FLAGS

  • AWS SDK to Version 2.8.21 (PHP 5.3.3+)

  • SIGCONT,SIGCHLD,SIGALRM form signal handler

free removed
  • Bundled translations. Will be now come from

  • Updated: Google SDK to Version 1.1.4

Version: 3.2.0

  • EasyCron API to schedule job starts
    Message if job has not configured destinations
    Setting for log level and minimize log for normal output
    Email logfile to more than one receiver
    Creation of web.config for IIS Webserver
    Allow relative path to WP_CONTENT_DIR for logs and backups
    Prefer plugin translation loading from WP_LANG_DIR
    Option to move WordPress installation folder one folder up
    Ordering options for jobs page
    Added Google storage Bucket regions

  • Archive size check depends on PHP_INT_MAX
    Excessive transient writes with job start urls
    Authorisation settings for wp-cron.php
    Folder checking with open basedir check
    WP-CLI outputs
    Role management. Administrators always have BackWPup capabilities
    Unix Signals handling to caching more
    fcgi handling to prevent signal 15 errors (thanks to

  • AWS SDK to Version 2.7.7 (PHP 5.3.3+)
    MSAZURE SDK to Version 0.4.0-dev
    Translations from

  • Server script file generation, please use WP-CLI

  • Notice if BuddyPress is active
    VIEW generation on Database backups
    Authentication for GDrive
    Synchronisation with GDrive
    Sugarsync SSL message
    Job hang in some configurations
    RSS Feed in Dashboard

Version: 3.1.4

  • removing of % from filename
    Notice in combination with bbPress
    Zip Archive „Entry has been deleted“ messages

  • WP-CLI output a bit

Version: 3.1.3

  • var_export not working if output buffering active
    bug in sending test emails on Backup with email
    backup archives not deleted if archive name has spaces
    bug in tar file name length detecting
    bug in not displaying abort message
    abort of S3 uploads from other running backups

  • Maximum backup archive size is now 2GB (some filesystems do not support larger files, split the job if you need more)
    WordPress Export will now done by a own class
    Dropbox now uses oAuth 2 Protocol
    Dropbox change to TLS Protocol
    Logs have now a br tag on line end for better reading in emails

  • Dropbox chipper list not on NSS cUrl backend
    Increased performance on Zip File generation massively
    Backup archives now deleted to if the archive format changed
    Archive tarring and its compression
    Loading of Swift Mailer

  • GreenQloud to S3 services
    Amazon Germany region to S3 and Glacier services

  • Hosteurope from S3 services (terminated to end of 2014)

  • SwiftMailer to Version 5.2.0
    AWS SDK to Version 2.7.3 (PHP 5.3.3+)
    RSC SDK to Version 1.9.2
    MSAZURE SDK to Version 0.4.0
    PEAR packeges for MSAZURE

  • Added: Option to use database backup with mysqli/mysqldump (not longer automatic)
    Added: Option in GDrive destination to delete files permanently
    Updated: Google SDK to 1.1.1

Version: 3.1.2

  • .donotbackup file. Folders and sub folders containing this file in will not be included in backups.

  • S3 Service: Amazon China (Beijing) region
    Rackspace: Hong Kong (HKG) region

  • New multisite installs did not save jobs.
    New multisite installs did not save installed version.
    Fatal error when attempting to clean up inactive jobs from cron
    Exclude uploads not working
    Message „file not readable“ of an excluded folder
    WP-CLI deprecated and unknown parameter message
    Bugs in pagination on logs and backups page

  • Banner from plugins page

  • Memory usage during XML export
    Mime type detection
    Dropbox SSL handling
    Certificate bundle file can now be filtered
    Auto-loading vendor classes
    Performance when saving other database tables than MyISAM

  • AWS SDK to Version 2.5.2 (PHP 5.3.3+)
    RSC SDK to Version 1.9.1
    Guzzle SDK to Version 3.8.1

  • Fixed: Duplicating synced files on S3
    Update: Google SDK to 0.6.7
    Added: Amazon Glacier China (Beijing) region

Version: 3.1.1

  • Plugins will not backup

  • Dropped quota check for Dropbox. Will cancel upload only when Dropbox API sends error 507.
    Remove special chars from file names in archives
    Handling off restarts on archive creation

Version: 3.1

  • Message about aborted step did not display correctly
    Incorrect rescheduling of jobs

  • Overall performance while generating backup archives
    Uploads of backup archives to FTP/S3/Dropbox/Azure/GDrive can be continued
    Script re-starts based upon time while generating archives and uploading
    Reduced risk of running scripts being stopped via external processes in fcgi mode
    Backup destinations and their dependencies only being loaded when needed
    Required dependencies for destinations being displayed now
    Displaying of error messages as error messages (red, not yellow)
    Reduced size of vendor/SDK directory by 50%
    Regex for BackWPup archive file detection
    Symlink handling for file backup on WordPress folders
    Use icon font for menu, adminbar and on other places
    Responsive for WordPress 3.8

  • AWS SDK to Version 2.4.11 (PHP 5.3.3+)
    RSC SDK to Version 1.7.3
    SwiftMailer to Version 5.0.1

  • DB Optimization, because locking of tables that can make the site not accessible

  • Wizards using a separate session handling now
    Hash that BackWPup uses is changeable
    Added Google Drive Support
    Added Amazon Glacier Support

Version: 3.0.13

  • Redirect when accessing the WordPress backend

  • Debug Informations to Logfile
    Sydney region for rackspace cloud
    London region for rackspace cloud

  • Cross-site scripting issue. Thanks to High-Tech Bridge for helping us:
    Fatal error when uninstalling on WordPress 3.4.2 and older

Version: 3.0.12

  • Russian translation
    Simplified chinese translation

  • German log string typo
    Redirect when accessing the WordPress backend

Version: 3.0.11

  • Message for Pro version to support plugin

  • About page will only be shown after install

  • some notices and warnings
    Change of BackWPup role for other users

  • AWS SDK to Version 2.3.1 (PHP 5.3.3+)

Version: 3.0.10

  • only Version on because of SVN upload problems with Symfony folder from AWS

Version: 3.0.9

  • Sending auth cookie for self requests
    Displaying off last error or waring in execution screen
    Job end message depending on error’s or waring’s
    Setting of BackWPup role in the user settings

  • bug in Dropbox temp file fallback
    Not working if WP-Cron Control active
    Synchronisation of files to Dropbox

  • About page only displays on new installation not on updates

  • Sessions now only used for wizards in pro version

  • Wait time after job start
    Rights management to work better with Role management Plugins

  • Maintenance Mode support, because to many problems and not really needed

  • RSC SDK to Version 1.5.4
    AWS SDK to Version 1.6.2
    AWS SDK to Version 2.3.0 (PHP 5.3.3+)

Version: 3.0.8

  • Selected database tables not save on tab change
    Database tables selection on new job
    adding empty folder names tow archive
    Dropbox Authentication

Version: 3.0.7

  • No maintenance mode, if a maintenance mode already active
    Archive file deletion

  • All job requests will done over wp-cron.php now
    Ajax calls if blog in maintenance mode
    Getting of DB_CHARSET
    FTP file deletion
    Dropbox authentication (If restrict to job settings page not work you can open the settings page manually again to authenticate)

  • AWS SDK to Version 2.2.1 (PHP 5.3.3+)

Version: 3.0.6

  • Massages on empty DB prefix
    Bug in cron calculation

  • Dropbox upload so that it can continuing on next try

Version: 3.0.5

  • Option to restart the job on archive creation if a size of files reached
    Option to set Zip method (PclZip or ZipArchive)

  • Side load braking if no folder permissions
    Multiple backups deletion on backups page not working
    DB optimize and check not only use WP tables if selected
    File deletion on Dropbox if folder name has a space
    False scheduling time in some timezones

  • Performance if PclZip used.

  • Display only normal messages on progress bars
    Detection of multisite blog upload folder
    Backups list for destination file will not cached.
    Reduced files of AWS SDK to the only needed.

  • AWS SDK to Version 1.6.1
    AWS SDK to Version 2.2.0 (PHP 5.3.3+)

  • Option for excluding file, cache, temp folders. Can done with file/folder exclusion too.

Version: 3.0.4

  • Server connection test on run now.
    S3 AWS SDK 1.6.0 for PHP lower than 5.3.3

  • Settings not correctly set to default
    mysqli::get_charset() undefined method
    Settings not saved correctly
    Abort on MySQL Functions Backup

  • MySQLi connection

  • default settings for ‚Restart on every main step‘ and ‚Reduce server load‘ to disabled

Version: 3.0.3

  • folder checking on run now

  • Problem with S3 Prefix
    warnings on excluded folders
    message from putenv
    not working downloads

  • Archive creation performance

  • removed fancybox and uses thickbox because plugin compatibility

Version: 3.0.2

  • Deactivation off multi part upload for S3 Services
    fallback for mysql_ping()
    Options for email senders name

  • Warnings on job edit tab files
    folder name on temp cleanup in cron
    Setting charset on sql backup
    DB Connection on database backup if hostname has a port
    Call undefined function apc_clear_cache()
    wp-content selected folders not excluded

  • 5 minutes cron steps back

  • Flashing admin bar icon

  • OpenCloud API to Version 1.4.1

Version: 3.0

  • Jobs can now be started with an external link or per command line
    Backups can now be compressed with gz or bzip2
    All file names can now be adjusted
    MySQL dump supports now views
    Settings for access control per capability and role
    Save a list of installed Plugins
    Support for WP-CLI

  • Job edit page with tabs
    Settings page with tabs
    Database dump now uses mysqli PHP extension for better performance
    ZIP archives are now created with PHP Zip if available
    All passwords are now stored encrypted in database
    wp-cron job start mechanism
    Job start mechanism not longer uses URL in plugin directory
    Use `temp` directory in uploads or set it with `WP_TEMP_DIR`

  • Mailing backup archives now with SwiftMailer
    Job process now back in the WordPress environment
    License changed to GPLv3
    Rewrote almost the complete code base to use classes with auto-loading
    Logs are now displayed with fancybox

  • AWS SDK v2.1.2 (PHP 5.3.3)
    OpenCloud SDK to v1.3 (PHP 5.3)
    Windows Azure SDK v0.3.1_2011-08 (PHP 5.3.2)

  • serialized job export
    tools section – not needed anymore
    Dashboard widgets are now on the BackWPup plugin dashboard

  • many, many minor bugs

  • Wizards
    Export jobs and settings as XML
    Synchronization of files to backup with destination (filename and size checked)
    Wizard to import jobs and settings from XML
    Database dump can backup other MySQL databases
    Database dump can use `mysqldump` command on commend line
    Database dump can create XML files (phpMyAdmin schema)
    Use your own API keys for Dropbox and SugarSync
    Premium Support
    Automatic updates

Backup + WordPress? BackWPup Pro!

Backup + WordPress? BackWPup Pro!

„Wie sichere ich mein WordPress ab?“ BackWPup Pro ist die Antwort. Riskiere keinen Totalausfall deiner Seite mehr. Erstelle regelmäßig und automatisch Backups. Per Mail, FTP aber auch in der Cloud. Schätze selbst ab, was ein Totalverlust der Daten für dich und dein Unternehmen bedeutet. Und denk dran: Das wichtigste Backup ist das, das du nie gemacht hast.

Warum sollte ich Datensicherungen von WordPress erstellen?

Es gibt Statistiken die belegen: Etwa 15% aller Systemausfälle entstehen durch Hardwareprobleme. Mit 85% basiert der Großteil jedoch auf Software- und Anwenderfehlern. Schäden, die durch einen solchen Totalausfall entstehen, gehen schnell in den 4-5 stelligen Bereich.

Hinzu kommt der zeitliche Ausfall der Webseite. Kunden können nicht bedient werden und es entstehen Umsatzeinbußen. Weitere Gründe für eine komplette Sicherung einer WordPress-Installation mit BackWPup sind:

  • Komplette Sicherung der WordPress-Installation: Vollständige Datenbank- und Dateisicherung.

  • Bietet Schutz vor: (Unwiederruflichen) Datenverlust und Gewinneinbußen durch Nichterreichbarkeit der Webseite.
  • Verhindert den Verlust von: Texten, Blogbeiträgen, Bildern, Dateien und Kommentaren der Webseite.
  • Minimiert die Wiederherstellungskosten: Sollte deine Seite einmal zerschossen oder gehackt sein, oder durch Hardwareprobleme nicht mehr richtig laufen, so bist du dank deines Backups auf der sicheren Seite. Die Rekonstruktion einer defekten Seite kann viele Tage, und somit eine Menge Geld in Anspruch nehmen. Durch regelmäßige Backups kannst du somit eine Menge Geld sparen.
  • Wirtschaftlicher Schutz: Je kleiner der Kundenstamm und das Unternehmen an sich sind, desto geringer ist die Möglichkeit der Kompensation von Gewinneinbußen. Jeder Tag, an dem eine Seite nicht erreichbar ist, kostet Zeit, und somit auf mehreren Ebenen Geld. Der Aufwand zur Wiederherstellung aber auch die Umsatzeinbußen sollten nicht unterschätzt werden.

Was macht BackWPup Pro?

Ein kleiner Ausschnitt der wichtigsten Funktionen:

  • Vollständige Datenbanksicherung

  • Vollständige Datensicherung
  • Sicherung der Liste installierter Plugins
  • Datensicherung mit diversen Speichermöglichkeiten: E-Mail, S3-Dienstleister (Amazon, Google Storage, Hosteurope uvm.), Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP-Server, SugarSync, Amazon Glacier
  • Assistent zur Einrichtung von Sicherungsaufträgen
  • Sicherung geänderter Verzeichnisse: Es besteht die Möglichkeit dass nur Dateien übertragen werden, die sich seit der letzten Sicherung geändert haben. Gilt für Dropbox, Google Drive, S3, Rackspace Cloud Files, Microsoft Azure.
  • Datenbanküberprüfung
  • Verwaltung der Backup-Archive
  • WordPress-Multisite Support
  • Log-Report via E-Mail: Es kann nach jeder erfolgreichen Sicherung automatisch ein Bericht versendet werden. Sollten einmal Probleme aufgereten sein, so wirst du natürlich auch informiert.

Was unterscheidet BackWPup Pro von der Free-Version?

In der folgenden Tabelle sind die wichtigsten Funktionen sowie die Unterschiede aufgelistet:

Funktion BackWPup FREE BackWPup PRO
Vollständige Datenbanksicherung
Vollständige Dateisicherung
Multisite Support
WordPress XML-Export
Liste installierter Plugins
Verwaltung der Backup-Archive
Verwaltung der Log-Dateien
Start der Aufträge über WP-Cron, URL, System, Backend, WP-CLI
Log-Report via E-Mail
Datensicherung zu Microsoft Azure
Datensicherung via E-Mail
Datensicherung zu S3-Dienstleistern (Amazon, Google Storage, Hosteurope etc.)
Datensicherung zu Dropbox
Datensicherung zu Rackspace Cloud Files
Datensicherung auf FTP-Server
Datensicherung auf eigenem Webspace
Datensicherung auf eigenem SugarSync
Datensicherung auf Google Drive
Datensicherung auf Amazon Glacier
Eigene API-Keys für DropBox, Google Drive und SugarSync hinterlegen
XML-Datenbanksicherung der Datenbank nach PHPMyAdmin-Schema
Datenbanksicherung mit System-Kommando mysqldump
Datenbanksicherung weiterer MySQL-Datenbanken
Auftragseinstellungen als XML ex- und importieren
Assistent zur Ausführung eines Systemtests
Assistent zur Einrichtung von Sicherungsaufträgen
Assistent zum Importieren von Einstellungen und Aufträgen
Sicherung geänderter Verzeichnisse in einer Dropbox
Sicherung geänderter Verzeichnisse nach Rackspace Cloud Files
Sicherung geänderter Verzeichnisse nach S3
Sicherung geänderter Verzeichnisse nach Google Drive
Sicherung geänderter Verzeichnisse nach MS Azure
Integration einer dynamischen Dokumentation
Automatische Aktualisierung durch MarketPress

Was andere über dieses Produkt sagen.
Lese selbst.

  • Was andere über dieses Produkt sagen.<br /> Lese selbst.
    Sirpa Mastall World Citizen und Inhaber Sirpa’s Welt

    „AAA+++ Qualitätsprodukt mit einem hervorragenden Kundenservice. Super freundlich, zügig, sprechen eine Sprache die auch jeder versteht und es wird individuell auf Probleme eingegangen. Das ganze noch “Made in Germany”, besser geht kaum!"

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